Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Why does mosquito bites Itch..????

We all know that female mosquitoes actually bite as male mosquitoes stay in plants and moist areas.

But a real fact is that “MOSQUITOES NEVER BITES”. Yes! Mosquitoes never bites it just pierces the upper layer of our epidermis in skin and then searches for a blood vessel. Once it finds out the blood vessels, the mosquito releases saliva in the wound.

Now our immune system gets an alert and realizes that something is going on. Immune system then produces Histamine a chemical compound to combat the foreign substance and a swell is automatically produces in the vessels.

When blood vessels become swollen, our nerve ends gets irritated and it produces a itchy effect. 

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2. OOOOINNNNNG – What’s the secret of mosquitoes buzzing sound…?

Mosquito’s wing beats upto 300-600 times per second; this creates the irritating buzzing sound by mosquitoes.

Some female mosquitoes sound to attract the male mosquitoes at winter & rainy time.

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Why Mosquitoes only bite specific people..???

It’s a question of million people all over the world – Why Mosquitoes had their dinner only in its favorite people. Some people are real mosquito magnets. They attract the blood thirsty mosquitoes in the below ways.

  1. Dark colored dressing especially blue.
  2. People using lot of perfume/cologne.
  3. Those who are not changing their socks.
  4. Eating burger & cheese also attracts mosquitoes
  5. Over consumption of beer & alcoholic products.
  6. Skipping showers with over sweat attracts mosquitoes.

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

How Angry Mosquitoes Cools themselves – Amazing fact

Most blood-sucking insects urinate while they feed so they can avoid filling up on fluid and get more nutrients out of their meal. 

But some species of mosquito also do what is called preurination — they excrete drops of freshly ingested blood without extracting any of the nourishing blood cells. 

The behavior has always confused scientists because “blood is a very precious resource,” said Claudio R. Lazzari, an entomologist at Fran├žois Rabelais University in Tours, France. “The risk of taking it is very high.”
New research, conducted by Dr. Lazzari and colleagues and published in the journal Current Biology, shows that the preurine may serve to keep the cold-blooded mosquitoes from overheating while they take their blood meal, which can be as warm as 104 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the host animal. 

Roughly one to two minutes after she starts feeding, an Anopheles stephensi mosquito will excrete urine and preurine through the anus, at the end of the abdomen. Sometimes a drop of the fluid will form and cling to the body before falling off; when this happens, some fluid evaporates like sweat and cools the mosquito’s abdomen by almost four degrees. 

Mosquitoes also feed on nectar, but they tend not to preurinate when they eat lower-temperature, sugar-based meals. 

The mosquito is not the only insect that uses ingested food to regulate its temperature. Aphids excrete honeydew to prevent their abdomens from getting too hot, and some bee species regurgitate a bit of nectar to keep their heads cool while they fly.