Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Why does mosquito bites Itch..????

We all know that female mosquitoes actually bite as male mosquitoes stay in plants and moist areas.

But a real fact is that “MOSQUITOES NEVER BITES”. Yes! Mosquitoes never bites it just pierces the upper layer of our epidermis in skin and then searches for a blood vessel. Once it finds out the blood vessels, the mosquito releases saliva in the wound.

Now our immune system gets an alert and realizes that something is going on. Immune system then produces Histamine a chemical compound to combat the foreign substance and a swell is automatically produces in the vessels.

When blood vessels become swollen, our nerve ends gets irritated and it produces a itchy effect. 

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2. OOOOINNNNNG – What’s the secret of mosquitoes buzzing sound…?

Mosquito’s wing beats upto 300-600 times per second; this creates the irritating buzzing sound by mosquitoes.

Some female mosquitoes sound to attract the male mosquitoes at winter & rainy time.

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Why Mosquitoes only bite specific people..???

It’s a question of million people all over the world – Why Mosquitoes had their dinner only in its favorite people. Some people are real mosquito magnets. They attract the blood thirsty mosquitoes in the below ways.

  1. Dark colored dressing especially blue.
  2. People using lot of perfume/cologne.
  3. Those who are not changing their socks.
  4. Eating burger & cheese also attracts mosquitoes
  5. Over consumption of beer & alcoholic products.
  6. Skipping showers with over sweat attracts mosquitoes.

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